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Based in Halle, Flemish Brabant, Heli Service Belgium has been a leading helicopter business for more than 25 years. Renting a helicopter with HSB guarantees a perfect service at competitive rates.

We guarantee a quick, safe and reliable helicopter service.
To meet all sorts of wishes, we have a large fleet of helicopters.

Heli Service Belgium

Our helicopter pilot training is approved by the directorate-general of aviation for the theoretical and practical training of private helicopter pilots (PPL-H). Type rating training is also possible within this department.

More information on helicopter pilot training? Visit our web site!

Renting a helicopter with pilot

From renting a helicopter with a pilot e.g. for restaurant visits to renting a helicopter for film flights. Anything is possible with Heli Service Belgium.

The largest helicopter fleet available in Belgium.

Heli Service Belgium provides a wide range of services such as:

  • Own heliport – Flight baptisms

  • Helicopter rental with a pilot for passenger transport

  • Public passenger transport

  • Ambulance flights

  • Private pilot training

  • Photo & film flights

  • Inspection flights

  • Film flights

  • Air work

  • Incentives

  • Brussels City Tour

  • Napoleon Tour

  • Aerial tours

  • VIP flights (sightseeing tours)

    You can also contact us to buy new and used helicopters. We will gladly help you.

Our Helicopters

Some helicopters we have are:

  • Robinson R22 Beta

  • Robinson R44

  • Bell 206 JetRanger

  • Eurocopter AS355 F2 Ecureuil

  • Eurocopter AS 355 F2 Medical

Heli Service Belgium (13)
Heli Service Belgium (13)
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Helicopter rental expert in Belgium

Heli Service Belgium

HSB in Halle, Flemish Brabant guarantees a quick, safe and reliable helicopter service.